The "KMO-portefeuille" is a support measure of the Flemish government. It offers financial support to entrepreneurs for training and consulting.

Ghent University is recognized as a service provider. This way you can save up to 30% on the registration fee for our trainings.

Request this subsidy via the website of the Agency for Innovation and Enterprise up until 14 calendar days after the training has started.

All information on how to request this subsidy is available on their website.


How to apply?

  • Step 1: You register for a course through the website of the Academy for Lifelong Learning. After registration, you will receive an email with your order confirmation. Later on, you will also receive an email from UGent ( with the invoice attached as a separate document.

→ IMPORTANT: If you wish to use the SME portfolio, do not pay this invoice directly to UGent.

  • Step 2: Within 14 calendar days after the start of the course, you submit the subsidy application online at The recognition number of UGent for courses in the context of lifelong learning is DV.O103194. (The letter 'O' in DV.O is a vowel and not the numeral zero, the second '0' is indeed the numeral zero.)
  • Step 3: After the application, you transfer your own share of the course fee to the financial partner of the government, Sodexo.
  • Step 4: The Flemish Government deposits the remaining percentage into your SME portfolio.
  • Step 5: Finally, don't forget to give the payment order (forwarding) via the website when the total amount (100%) is in the SME portfolio.

→ IMPORTANT: At this step, you should mention the number (invoice number: starting with 75 and consisting of 10 digits) of the invoice you received from UGent.



  • Trainings: When making your request online use the following authorisation-ID: DV.O103194 (Tip: the first O is a letter, the second O is a number).
  • Micro-credentials & Postgraduates: Registration is via the central administration. The authorisation-ID is DV.O103193 . Read more...

Training vouchers for employees

All information about training vouchers for employees is available in Dutch on the VDAB website: